Business Communication Skills Training Course

Communication is vital part of all our lives. Without communication the world would be a dark and lonely place. It is especially important in the workplace as companies communicate with their workforce, other business and clients. If staff communicate poorly not only will the company suffer but the staff themselves. The aim of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively within the modern corporate environment. On completion of the course participants should have an understanding of the fundamental dynamics of communication, how communication is put into action in the modern business environment and how to achieve effective communication. The complexities of face-to-face communication and modern communication mediums, such as telephonic communication and electronic mail will be dealt with. At the core of the seminar is the basics of business mannerism (verbal and non-verbal) and how to use such mannerism to achieve positive and effective communication. As with all our courses the content is practical and inter-active to ensure quantifiable results.


  • To understand the fundamental dynamics of communication
  • To understand the role of communication in the corporate environment
  • To understand the basics of business mannerism
  • To gain the skills necessary to communicate effectively via modern communication mediums and face-to-face interaction


  • Introduction to Dynamic Communication
  • The Role of Communication in the Corporate Environment
  • Basics of Business Ethics and Mannerism
  • Basics of Face-to-face Communication
  • Effective Telephonic Mannerism
  • Electronic Mail as a Form of Communication