Managing Stress in the Workplace Training Course

Stress is defined as forces from the outside world impinging on the individual. Stress is a normal part of life and can be useful in helping us develop and learn. Stress releases powerful neurochemicals and hormones that prepare us for action. Although stress is normal, stress that is prolonged, uninterrupted, unexpected and most importantly unmanaged will have a negative influence. Often the workplace and corporate environments are places of abnormal stress. When this is the case the employees begin to suffer under abnormal stress levels. Conflicts may arise, a drop in job satisfaction is followed by a drop in productivity and this ultimately affects an organisation’s bottom line. Organisations who expose their staff to stressful situations need to help their staff manage these stresses in order to ensure a healthy, vibrant and successful future for their organisation.

This course is aimed at assisting companies and employees to handle stressful situations through stress managing techniques. On completion participants should understand common causes of stress, the symptoms of abnormal stress and the effect this can have. They will learn to put in place practical stress management strategies to decrease the causes and effects of stress.    


  • To understand the causes and effects of stress
  • To identify possible abnormal stresses
  • To manage stress effectively


  • Stress as a Normal Aspect of Life
  • Negative Stress
  • The Causes of Stress
  • The Symptoms and Effects of Stress
  • The Company’s Role in Managing Stress
  • Relieving Stress During Normal Work Activities
  • Personal Stress Management
  • Advanced Stress Management Technique and Strategies